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Thank you for your interest in the ASCO Clinical Trial Workload Assessment Tool*!

This Tool is designed to help research sites assess staff workload, based on the complexity of research protocols and the number of
patients assigned to staff. The Tool helps research administrators examine staff workload. It aims to help research programs:

       •    Assess staff workload on a per protocol basis
       •    More effectively and efficiently monitor and manage research staff by:                  
              •    Assessing and redistributing research staff workload                  
              •    Identifying potential staff-specific issues around accruing patients to trials
       •    Monitor data submission performance and delinquency levels
       •    Provide productivity data for annual staff performance review
       •    Compare research program/staff against other participating programs/staff for:                  
              •    Number of research staff carrying out similar research activities                  
              •    Number of patients managed by one research nurse and/or CRA 

                 •    Access national benchmarking data captured by the ASCO Clinical Trial Workload Assessment Tool to:                  

                       •    Provide validation for the need for more staff                  

                       •    Re-evaluate current processes for possible improvements in efficiencies                  

                       •    Justify budget for current and/or future research staff (for grant applications as well as institutional justification)

In addition to the benefits above, users of this Tool will:

       •    Receive site-specific reports about their research program’s workload        
       •    Access individual staff workload reports        
       •    Obtain workload-related reports for specific protocols        
       •    Contribute to important and meaningful ongoing benchmarking data collection provided by all participating programs.

NOTE: This current version of the Tool is meant for research programs to assess the workload of research staff that has direct contact with
patients during the trials. As such, typically only workload information for Research Nurses and Clinical Research Associates is entered into the Tool.

*The ASCO Clinical Trial Workload Assessment Tool is adapted from the Wichita Community Clinical Oncology Program Protocol Acuity Tool 
(Good et. al Journal of Oncology Practice 2013).

To get started, click on Register a New Research Program in the menu above. After you have submitted your registration information, and your eligibility is confirmed, you will be contacted by email with login information within 3-5** business days. Please note: only one person from your research program should complete this registration.

It is important that you ensure there is only one instance of your research program in the Tool. Only one person should be managing your program's entries and will be granted permission to create users for your research program. This person is typically a research administrator; in the Tool, this person is referred to as the "Research Program Administrator" or "RPA." If someone from your research program has already registered, please contact them to obtain access to the Tool.

If you have any questions or concerns in the meantime, please email